HearCare Audiology is 100% independently owned and operated by your local Audiologists, Aswin Kuttuva and Mikhila Sivaswami. We are a full-service audiology clinic caring for adults and school-aged children. We offer diagnostic audiology tests, tinnitus assessment and management, ear-wax removal, hearing rehabilitation, hearing aids fitting, maintenance and support, custom hearing protection and custom lifestyle molds.

Client Centered


We consider all your hearing needs, bringing improvement to your whole lifestyle. Focusing on your hearing needs, we provide the best level of professional hearing care and employ holistic approach for optimal treatment outcomes.

Sensitive Care


We are passionate about helping people hear better. Besides being professional, we are extremely caring and sensitive, providing a friendly environment and the best level of care to support you on your journey to better hearing, every step of the way. We care for you as if you were family.

Highly Qualified


Our clinicians hold Bachelors and Masters degree in Audiology, obtained after 6 years of University education. They are specialised in all aspects of hearing loss, with over 12 years of experience, employing research and advances in technologies to offer you the latest hearing loss treatment options.

Independent Of Manufacturers


Proudly independent and not aligned with any hearing aid manufacturer. Instead, we give you unbiased advice for your hearing needs and offer you the most appropriate hearing solutions, Hearing aids, and assistive listening devices (if needed) from a wide range of brands for optimum Audiological outcomes.

Convenient Location


Our clinic is conveniently located in the Gateway Plaza, behind Browns Socialhouse, corner of Burtch Road and Harvey Avenue with ample free parking.




Finding the best audiologist who is caring, professional and experienced is the key! Selecting the right hearing care professional is the most critical decision you will make in your journey to treat your hearing loss and optimise your hearing and communication. If you invest some time to find the best audiologist for you, your hearing loss treatment will result in positive outcomes where your hearing is optimised at its best potential level.


You Need To Feel Comfortable


First and foremost, make sure you find an audiologist with whom you are comfortable. Then, ensure she/he is a highly qualified professional who is skilled and experienced, possessing extensive knowledge in all areas of hearing health management. Check that he/she operates independently and offers unbiased advice. Your audiologist will be a partner in your hearing health for years to come, so it is important to carefully consider the above and give your search its due diligence.

You Need To Feel Comfortable
Medical Model Practice
Medical Model Practice


To ensure ongoing and long-term support from your audiologist, choose a practice which is not structured around an online sales model. Preferably, look for a practice in which you can have your own audiologist with whom you can establish a long-term relationship. Ultimately, aim for a practice that provides you with professional and personalised care.

Qualifications Audiologist Vs Hearing Instrument Practitioner


Hearing Instrument Practitioners in British Columbia have a 2-year college diploma and are licensed to provide hearing care for adults, ages 18 and above. Audiologists’ qualifications, however, are much more stringent and range from a Clinical Master’s degree to Clinical Doctorate and PhD, ranging from 6 to 9 years of University education.
By virtue of their education, training, and licensing, audiologists are the professionals most qualified to assess and treat hearing disorders for clients of all ages. Audiologists are trained over a much broader spectrum, so can assist with a full range of hearing loss related issues.
Not only are audiologists well versed in hearing assessment and fitting of hearing aids, they have extensive knowledge of underlying disease pathology, brain functioning and auditory rehabilitation. Audiologists are knowledgeable and can offer advice regarding fully implantable hearing aids, middle-ear implantable hearing devices, cochlear implants, and bone anchored hearing aids.

Qualifications Audiologist Vs Hearing Instrument Practitioner
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Over the past few years, most independent and family-owned audiology clinics in Canada have been purchased by foreign hearing aid manufacturers to create distribution channels for their own brand. As a result, manufacturers now own the vast majority of hearing clinics where, in most cases, their audiologists and hearing instrument practitioners are strongly urged to prescribe their own hearing aid brands regardless of the individual needs of their clients.
Moreover, their hearing care professionals may be offered commissions, bonuses or other type of incentives that may jeopardise the chance of you being recommended a treatment option that has been selected and based purely on your needs. This may compromise the client-audiologist relationship.
Brand independence means your audiologist has the freedom to choose a hearing aid brand type that will best suit your hearing requirements. For this reason, it is important to check if the hearing clinic you choose is independent and not owned or aligned with a particular manufacturer. Independent audiology practices can offer their clients a full range of brands and recommend the best available options to their clients.